Acai Médio Pasteurizado / Açaí Puree 12%

Acai Médio Pasteurizado / Açaí Puree 12% de 100% Amazonia Exp r Rep. Ltda.

Por: 100% Amazonia Exp r Rep. Ltda.  16/07/2010
Palavras-chave: Produtos Orgânicos, Comercio De Frutas, Frutas Procesadas

Botanical Name: Euterpe Oleracea

Botanical Family: Palmae

Origin: Para State: Brazilian Amazon

DESCRIPTION: Product obtained from selected wild harvested fruit that is submitted to pasteurization process.

PROCESS FLOWCHART: Fruit transport -> Unloading ->  Reception ->   Washing 1 ->  Washing 2  -> Softening -> (Soaking with Sodium Hypochlorite) –>  Depulping and Refination 1–> Refination 2 ->  Pasteurization -> Bottling -> Freezing at -25C -> Cold Storage at -20C


·       Appearance:  Thick paste

·       Color: Dark purple, as per standard.

·       Flavor and odor: Characteristical, as per standard, not sweet and not tart

 INGREDIENTS:  Açaí berries (only skin and pulp), citric acid and water.

GUIDING DOSAGE: according to manufacturers formulation

SHELF LIFE ANDSTORAGE RECOMMENDATIONS:  24 months from production date, if maintained in the original closed package at cold temperature of -18C.

PACKAGING: Available packaging are:

  • Number sealed conical drums of 190kg,
  • Number sealed cylindrical drums of 170kg
  • Polypropylene pails of 22L and 3,6L
  • Plastic bags of 5 kilos or 1 kilo (for sampling purposes)
  • Aseptic bags with spouts or polyethylene double liners

Palavras-chave: Comercio De Frutas, Frutas Procesadas, Produtos Orgânicos,

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