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LED downlamp de Sunlite Electric CO., Ltd

Por: Sunlite Electric CO., Ltd   27/09/2009
Palavras-chave: fény, lámpa, LED downlamp,

 SUNLITE  is a professional  manufacture  of LED lamps including LED spot lamps especially 3*2W GU10& MR16 ,3*2W LED bulb,dimmable 1*3/3*1W  Mr16 system, SMD LED Bulbs , 60/80LED spot lamp ,8-30V LED G4 series & LED auto Bulb ,LED down lamp , LED wall lamp , LED underground lamp  etc welcome to check  to learn more details

Palavras-chave: fény, lámpa, LED downlamp, LED izzó, LED lámpa, LED világítás, LED-es metró lámpa, LED-es vezérlő, világítástechnikai,

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